it's kardigan weather


it's kardigan weather

My name's Karen. Recently moved from Michigan to the Philippines for studies. I love diversity, wine, the Western culture & pace. I love playing sports or anything that keeps me moving. I keep a bucket list. Minimalist in training. Curious about Zen tactics, path of enlightenment, and astrology. I like hearing myself laugh. DISCLAIMER: Everything I write here are my own opinion and views. If I offend you in any way shape or form, then I suggest you divert away from this page... but thank you for checking it out.

FACT: People are never satisfied.

There is nothing wrong in wanting things. I want things. I want a lot of things. 

Here in the Philippines, people spend so much money on skin whitening products just as much as people in the States spend hundreds of dollars on tanning salons.

The difference is: in America, they don’t verbally advertise being light skinned humiliating: in the Philippines, [with being dark-skinned] they do . 

I am yet to see a commercial or advertisement of some sort where the content does not discourage the public from having darker skin tones. These advertisements contain messages such as “I’m too embarrassed to be seen out in public with this [dark] skin tone!”, or “I feel so beautiful and much more confident because of my lighter skin.” SMH PEOPLE! 

Few weeks back, we had this festival for the university where we had to rehearse and be under the sun for about 15 minutes to go through our dances. As soon as it was over, girls ran towards the cover shed screaming “Ay! Maitom na gyud ko ani ug samot! (Damn it! I’m gonna get dark coz of this!)”. And I looked and told them politely, “Nindot man tan-awon ng tan. Mas ganahan gani ko.(Tan looks good. I actually like this color now).” And one of the girls said “Not in the Philippines. Light skinned is more favored and when you’re dark skinned, people look at you like you’re ugly” (I am quoting this, by the way. I changed the language, obviously, but not the context). I mean, I am aware of how the mentality goes but hearing it said out loud was still surprising. 

People even go as far as injecting harmful chemicals in their bloodstreams to make the whitening process more effective and ‘permanent’. All this to ‘look beautiful’. Being ‘beautiful’ is not defined under one specific appearance. It’s not even defined just with the appearance. There is nothing wrong with vanity and looking good, but discriminating against a certain skin tone is just plain ignorant and asinine. Telling people here that dark is hideous and white is supreme is just absurd! People are rarely happy with what they are given with. I was like that, then shamefully realized how juvenile and ignorant that mentality is.

You wanna talk vanity? Picture how funny you look when you apply these whitening facial products (vice-versa) because you wanna look ‘good’ and you start with the face. What about the rest of your body? So, you’re face is this perfect shade of porcelain while the neck down is olive toned.. what are you going to do then? 

Enjoy the sun, people. Protect your skin against harmful elements and chemicals, NOT slather your body with it so you’re 5 shades lighter/darker. You’re as beautiful as how you perceive and treat yourself. Conforming to what the society deems beautiful is strenuous on yourself alone. 

I love my tan complexion. If I was light skinned, I’d love it too. I am not my skin. Just like I am not hair (:P) or my clothes. What was that quote again? Somethin’ somethin’ (shallow) is only skin deep. 

Then again, if it makes you happy. Go ahead.

Invest on a sun screen instead.

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